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All participating clubs, athletes, and adults (coaches, team representatives, etc) must be AAU members and on the roster.

If your club, coaches, and athletes are not AAU members but wish to participate in this tournament, click here to find more information on becoming AAU members. If this is the only thing holding your team back from registering, please reach out to see if we can help.

If you need to check someone's membership status, you can either email or call 407-934-7200 and ask to speak with the Membership Department.


Our policy is that you must submit your team rosters in AES for the specific event the team is attending. Each roster should include the names of all adults that will be on the bench and participating athletes. If running into an error when trying to submit your roster, click here and go through the section titled "Troubleshooting Roster Submission Issues".

NOTE Plugging in a coach's email address does not ensure that they will receive tournament emails as they must opt-in with whichever email is being used to receive AES emails. Read the section above that goes over ensuring everyone receives the proper emails. COACHES, I would suggest you check with your Club Directors to make sure you are receiving appropriate information. The sooner the better so that no important information is missed.


Check-in will be the Saturday of each tournament prior to each team's first match. If your roster does not not show membership numbers for everyone listed, check on the status of the individual with AAU and that all information needed has been integrated into AES appropriately.

An adult club representative of each team must turn in a printed and signed AES roster specific to this event to the Tournament Director at the team's venue prior to playing. If the roster is not showing an individual's AAU membership number and you have not been able to resolve this issue prior to team checkin, please bring a copy of your team's AAU roster IN ADDITION to the AES roster to prove the individual with missing information does in fact have a valid AAU membership.

Click here if you need information on how to create, update and print a team roster.


It is the responsibility of the club to follow the steps provided by AAU to ensure a reimbursement is received. Follow the steps provided by AAU under the section titled "Free/Discounted Entry Fee" in their AAU Volleyball Super Regional and Grand Prix Guidelines.